Magical pictures from the land of giants

After a road trip around the country, Rovina Cai, an Australian illustrator decided to document her adventures in the form of these wonderful illustrations. Spiced up with fantastical elements, the pictures look like scenes from old Icelandic sagas. The illustrations were bound into a tattered-style sketchbook.

“I love making illustrations that evoke a sense of intrigue; images that make you linger, hungry to know the story behind it. My work is often inspired by the past; from myths and fairy tales to gothic novels, these stories resonate with me because they bring a little bit of magic and wonder to the present day.” – she writes on her webpage.


rovinacai_iceland-book2   rovinacai_iceland11      rovinacai_iceland4   rovinacai_iceland3    rovinacai_iceland2   rovina-cai-iceland08 rovina-cai-iceland05   d5ab5b310972a5db8832cd82e543edbe

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