Combination of our pictures, videos, stories and observations.
Looking at Iceland with expat eyes.
Not taking things too seriously.

Contact: reportsfromtherock[@]gmail[.]com


She is the one behind the camera.
Living in her awesome bubble with her viking warlord.
Addicted to coffee.
Likes to give her friends bacon and pancakes for breakfast.
Small and merciless.


Iceland is her second home.
The first is Germany at the moment.
Addicted to caffeine. (we need something in common, right?)
Tends to write on anything about anything.
Looks grumpy all the time. (it’s just the bitchy resting face, not her fault)


Living with two vikings and their Czech mate in the middle of nowhere.
Trying to survive mass tourism with endless amount of coffee. (see?)
Proudly annoying people with her GoPro.
Has a compulsion for buying plane tickets.


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