Iceland Airwaves 2014

…and finally it was time for our favorite music festival of the year. We started the countdown back in August when we bought the tickets, and time passed by so quickly, it became November in what it feels like a heartbeat. Those four days went by even faster, so it’s good we have some pictures as proof, otherwise it would seem like a not-so-surreal hallucination.

The first Iceland Airwaves was held exactly in 1999 and took place in a cool airplane hangar at Reykjavik Airport. Since the first time it has grown out the hangar and spread all over town: cafes, pubs, stores, hostels and even the street have turned into a concert place. With its off-venue schedule the festival has something for those as well who don’t have a ticket. With approximately 9,000 other festival goers and who knows how many off-venue attendees Airwaves turns Reykjavik to one enormous party-town for a few days each year, where the visitors can bump into an interesting performance at every corner.

We had a blast with our friends Topas and Captain Morgan and although we didn’t make it to all the concerts we wanted to (decided to surrender before Caribou when we saw that people were standing in line from the Art Museum to the Bæjarins Beztu hot dog stand and went to check some local bands instead) we had an amazing time together.

airwaves48 airwaves39 airwaves43 airwaves44 airwaves46 airwaves36  airwaves31 airwaves20 airwaves21 airwaves22 airwaves24 airwaves19 airwaves10 airwaves2

airwaaves53 airwaves9airwaves28 airwaves50




We are on fire!

It was Saturday morning, I was sleeping peacefully in my bed dreaming about some killer sheep (thanks to this: p.s.: watch it, it’s hilarious) when my boyfriend rushed into the room and told me to get ready in 10, because…

…I was going to fly with his dad over the Holuhraun area where the volcanic eruptions are taking place.

I only had time to get my camera and put a pair of trousers and a jacket on my Batman pj’s. The next thing I know is that we’re up in the air flying towards a column of smoke in the distance.

The airplane was the size of a soap box and the turbulence was extra strong so in my mind I wrote my goodbye letter and last will while looking at the unbelievably stunning landscape. From the air, the country looks like another planet. And soon, there we were. Imagine a crack in the ground with rivers of lava coming out of it, hot like hell, and takes your breath away (and not only because of the fumes).

By the way, it’s really difficult to take pictures from an airplane. First, if you open the window, the wind will surely push your eyeballs back into your brain in no time, and you can feel that your hair is slowly getting detached from your skull giving you an auto-scalp. But it’s worth it. Even if my face had frozen off, it would’ve worth it.

I don’t wanna waste more words, let the pictures speak for themselves:

IMG_1742BetkaVass_bard13  BetkaVass_bard12 BetkaVass_bard11 BetkaVass_bard10 BetkaVass_bard5 BetkaVass_bard6  BetkaVass_bard8 BetkaVass_bard9 BetkaVass_bard4 BetkaVass_bard2 BetkaVass_bard1