Jaws (^^^)

It was a pretty chilly night and I was about to collapse from fatigue. The only thing I really wanted was to sink in my pillow deeply and sleep.  Of course the Nordic gods planned otherwise and reminded me of the Icelandic spontaneity, (I have nothing against that, but I kind of like to plan my days ahead. Not minute to minute but if I want to sleep, I.WANT.TO.SLEEP.)

So instead of changing to PJ’s and passing out, we went to a random outside screening that took place at the Bernhöftstorfan park on the corner of Bankastræti and Lækjargata in Reykjavík.

via fb

via fb

It was pretty cool. Figuratively and literally as well, because I was freezing. I feel weird every time I wear my winter clothes in the summer but I was happy that I hasn’t left my gloves, my awesome pom pom hat and two scarves at home.


All my worries evaporated in that magical moment when they started giving away POPCORN. FOR FREE. Do you understand me dude? FREE POPCORN. Another sign how magical life can be on this island.


By the way we watched the epic killer-shark Spielberg movie…tuTutUTuTu ..JAWS.
I’m glad we went. It’s always fun to do something totally random and fight with the pinching cold. And win a cool experience.