India in da hauz

Let’s talk about food as it is the second most important thing after coffee.

Last Wednesday we were disgustingly lazy to cook dinner, so we decided to have some Indian food and honestly, that was a delicious idea (intense back-patting for us)! The only thing I don’t like about the Icelandic food-business is that there’s no such thing as HOME DELIVERY. There should be. For the sake of all the lazy people out there, there should be.

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We tried Hraðlestin at Hverfisgata and we got a ‘chicken-naan bread-aloo zera (what ever that is)-basmati rice-yoghurt’  chili goodness. It was spicy, but not the omg-my-throat-is-on-fire-give-me-water spicy.

That was just simply yummyyy!

Go there and give it a try sometime.


Reykjavík Roasters

Let’s open the Tried&tested section with the most important thing on this planet, which is of course COFFEE.

We tried the delicious Iced Coffee at Reykjavík Roasters  the other day (now, that summer is finally here in Iceland) and it was damn good. A must try! As a big plus, they served it in a cute jar.

Check out this clumsy video about the jar of yummy heaven.