Survive the darkest days of the year with cats!

S.A.D. – seasonal affective disorder. Something you can’t avoid if you live around the Arctic Circle. Something that messes you up. Something that makes you sad. And weird.

When the days are short – and by short I mean only a few hours daylight if there’s no thick layer of clouds covering the sky – everyone goes a bit crazy.

Some start to party hard


and even harder


til they drop

giphy (4)

and tequila doesn’t make sense anymore.

giphy (5)

It’s time to discover FOOD

giphy (9)

and eat everything, however gross it might be.

giphy (10)

And feel bad about weight gain.

giphy (6)

It’s time to hide

giphy (7)

and immerse in such activities as sleeping

giphy (11)


giphy (12)

and even more sleeping…

giphy (13)

…coz nothing brings joy in life any longer.

giphy (8)

But hey, I have good news!

giphy (14)

The 21st of December is almost here, and it marks the Winter Solstice. It means that from tomorrow on the days are getting longer, so it’s time to stock up on some more Vitamin D and hit the dancefloor to celebrate that this madness is NEARLY OVER!

giphy (3)