We organised a ‘goodbye-cold-and-windy-not-even-real-summer-with-horizontal-rain’ trip to the South East, 45 km far from Reykjavik. We wanted to soak our sexy butts in naturally warm and pure Icelandic water til the point we all turn into wrinkled raisins.
This year’s summer was disgustingly cold and wet, but that day the Icelandic Gods were kind to us and cleaned the sky from the thick cloud layer and guided the ultraviolet radiation to the right direction to burn our face off.

Hveragerði, an awesome geothermal town is a MUST for everyone who likes to hike and would like to become a life-sized dried grape or wants to boil some eggs in the naturally hot-like-hell water. (I had some eggs in my backpack the hope that I can boil them.)

We had a nice idyllic picnick surrounded by the steam that smelled like troll farts. At the end I couldn’t boil my eggs because I was not prepared enough for that procedure. (I mean it’s one thing to drop the eggs in the water, but I’d forgotten to figure out a way to take them out,.. my bad.) We took a 40-minute hike to Reykjadalur and arrived to the place where a hot and a cold river meets – just perfect for bathing so if you go, don’t forget your swimsuits!


Here is a video about the trip:

Let me tell you some awesome facts about this place.
Hveragerði is in the main area where the tectonic plates meet. There was an earthquake of 6,3 on the Richter scale on 29th May 2008 that caused a lot of damage in Hveragerði, Selfoss and the surrounding areas. Now there is an exhibition next to the Hveragerði Vínbudin (!) about catastrophe and its aftermath. You can also try the simulator where you can walk into a shed and feel what it felt like during the earthquake.
The best known hot spring of Hveragerði is Grýta, which used to erupt up to 15 meters in the air 24 times a day. Then it cooled down, and now one would hardly notice it.
There is now a picnic area by Grýta, where you can chill with your friends, take photos, drink beer and enjoy the view.